Sunday, June 9, 2013


There are so many options when it comes to hardwood flooring that it can be mind boggling.
You need to look at your home and how you live and exactly how you want your new floor to serve your needs.
If you have a family and pets and your floor gets a lot of action you may want to choose a hard working floor like a strand bamboo or one of the more durable hardwoods like hickory, hard maple or exotic hardwoods.

A good all around floor is red oak which is very common and for good reasons. It is durable has  distinctive characteristics and it is medium toned so it is very forgiving as far as showing particles or soil on your floor. Dark wood floors show every piece of lint or fuzz and lighter floors show everything you track in on your floor.  

Now lets take a moment to not overlook putting in a mixed species floor. Different hardwoods such as, 1st and 2nd grade hickory, maple, white oak and a little  red oak make for a beautiful floor with all the different coloration and if creatively laid it is truly a work of art.
In our own home we have several rooms with mixed hardwood and they are interesting and unique.
Remember also to choose interior paint colors to compliment your wood floors. And do not worry about mixing up the wood in your home. For instance cherry cabinetry can go very nicely with a lighter floor like maple. 
So do your homework, ask questions, be informed. A floor can be more than a just floor it can be a integral part of your home that looks beautiful and last for years. 

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