Sunday, July 27, 2014


The beauty of wood floors goes beyond durability, practicality and easy maintenance. The moment you walk into a house with wood floors you feel the impact. Gleaming floors reflecting light, add patterns and interest to a home. Wood floors also create a design format. The type of wood and color of the hardwood set a tone for the home from formal to casual or anywhere in between. In the past more so than now there was a large division between formal and casual but design restraints have lessened in more current years. Folks tend to live more relaxed lifestyles than in earlier times. Dark wood heavily patterned floors at one time called out for traditional furnishings and the lighter wood simpler style floors leaned toward the contemporary or casual. In today's world hardwood floors can suit any style and one does not need to put in just one type of hardwood. In my home for instance I have several different varieties of hardwood flooring but yet the home still flows from room to room.
Of course if you have traditional furniture say in mahogany or cherry you may want to install a darker floor for instance like a Brazilian cherry that would hold true to your furnishings. But if you
have an eclectic look going with a mix of wood furnishings any type of wood flooring would compliment. Keep in mind that lighter and natural finished floors make rooms seem more spacious and bright. So look at your home and see what would be appropriate for you, light, dark, natural or stained there are many options in today's market place.
I hope this has been helpful if you are thinking of having wood floors installed. Remember I am here to help to answer an questions you may have regarding wood species, longevity, types of finishes and more.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


This post regards hardwood floors and pets.
Hardwood flooring is a good choice for a floor when you have pets.
Everyone knows pets can and do have accidents. Well these accidents will puddle up on a wood floor and can be easily wiped up and cleaned. As opposed to carpeting that conceals the accidents. Pet deposits then seep not only into the carpet but also the pad and possibly beyond. After a few to many accidents the home will begin to smell of pet urine. 
When these carpets and pads are then pulled up for the installation of another product it becomes a toxic affair. If a hardwood floor exists under the carpet pet stains can penetrate deep down into the hardwood and create dark staining. But the beauty of hardwood is it can be sanded, the stains removed or if need be the deeply stained hardwood planks can be replaced then the floor is refinished and brought back to like new condition.

Another issue is scratches from your pets nails. Most scratches can simply be sanded out when you have your floors refinished.

Also the beauty of hardwood is that a maintenance coat can be applied say every five years. This is a very cost effective method of keeping your floors looking beautiful even if you are a pet owner. 
Folks that own rentals with wood floors love the fact that a maintenance coat is not costly and renews the floors as to say putting in new carpeting for the new tenant.

I hope this has been a helpful post. The majority of folks now days have pets. So to make your life less stressful when it comes to your floors consider hardwood.